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The easiest, fastest and safest way of ordering tickets is to make a reservation on this website. You can also call our helpdesk (English and Scandinavian speaking staff) on +44 20 3870 3444, but you will still need to make the reservation on-line at our site. You can also send your questions via our contact form found on this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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In general you cannot cancel, refund or change reserved and paid tickets for Berlin, which you are informed about early in the reservation process, and which you confirm when you accept our terms and conditions.

We will of course do what we can to help you and cannot use your tickets. Please contact us via our contact form found on this page, and we will do our very best to try and change or cancel your reservation or try to re-sell your tickets to other clients, but we cannot promise anything

If we get your tickets cancelled or re-sold to other clients, it will take time before you get a refund. It may take up to 1-2 weeks after the performance date. You must also realise that if we are able to cancel or re-sell your tickets tickets there might be a cancellation fee /re-selling fee per ticket. If we are unable to cancel or re-sell your tickets no fee will be applied.

Cancellation protection

Here at BerlinTickets.co.uk you can buy cancellation protection, providing you with full coverage if you should be so unlucky as to have an accident or if you, a member of the travelling party or your closest relatives should get ill.

Our cancellation protection costs 5% of the total cost.

Our cancellation protection covers:
You will get a full reimbursement (deducted the price you paid for the cancellation protection) if the purchaser of the tickets, members of the travelling party or someone in the travelling party’s immediate family (husband, wife, children, siblings or parents) get sick, has an accident or dies. Our cancellation protection covers until you physically begin your journey, typically when you board the flight, train etc. in your home country.

Booking of our cancellation protection:
Our cancellation protection can only be booked together with your tickets, and cannot be booked separately. Our cancellation protection is valid from booking/purchase date. The sum of our cancellation protection cannot be refunded.

Notice of cancellation:
You must notify us if you need to use the cancellation protection to this email address: helpdesk@ticmate.com before the date of the event/tour/match etc., otherwise the cancellation protection is void and invalid.

Medical certificate:
A refund will only be approved with a valid medical certificate. No later than two weeks after the date of the event, we must receive a valid medical certificate along with a copy of your cancellation protection. On the medical certificate the doctor’s name, address and phone number must be clearly stated.
Please send the medical certificate and a copy of your cancellation protection per mail to our postal address:
BerlinTickets.co.uk powered by Ticmate
Nygränd 10, 1tr
111 30 Stockholm

If a member of the travelling party needs to cancel:
If a member of the travelling party needs to cancel, we need, in addition to the medical certificate and a copy of your cancellation protection, proof that you were attending the event together with the purchaser of the tickets. This proof could be a copy of the flight or train tickets or a copy of the hotel booking.

Our cancellation protection does not cover:
- If you have forgotten to bring the tickets with you to the event or meeting address.
- If you show up late for the date of the event, and therefore will rejected to enter.
- If you regret your purchase of the tickets.
- If you cannot get access because of transport problems, that neither we nor the venue can be blamed, e.g. like airport strikes or other transportation strikes like in the metro or buses.
- If you miss your flight and/or train.
- Get sick, have an accident or somebody dies while you are travelling.
- In case of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, floodings, blizzards or earthquakes.

Our cancellation protection can be subscribed for group of 9 persons or less.

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